Rory McIlroy Has A Brutally Honest Comment

Rory McIlroy has a brutally honest Comment on the PGA-LIV Feud

Rory McIlroy, fresh off a victory that made him No. 1 in the world, had a brutally honest take on the unfolding PGA Tour vs. LIV Golf.

Rory McIlroy

The interview said the dispute had turned into an “us vs. them” mentality. The ‘us versus them’ thing has gotten out of hand,” McIlroy said.

“If those two entities keep doubling back and forth, it’s going to become irreparable. That’s not good for anybody.”

Do they know that what they’re about to do is going to put them in danger of never being a part of it again?”

But knowing the consequences, I couldn’t make that decision.”

McIlroy is clearly fed up with going back and forth between the two off-course trips.

The two are in court cases against each other, and players from each tour have distanced themselves from their former friends.

LIV golfers in response to Rory McIlroy’s

Phil Mickelson among LIV golfers in response to Rory McIlroy’s comments on PGA Tour, Ryder Cup ahead of Miami final

Phil Mickelson didn’t want to “distract from what’s going on this week” at LIV Golf’s Team Championship in Miami at Trump National Doral, but Rory McIlroy’s recent interview with the Guardian was too juicy to avoid. At a news conference before the season finale of the fledgling circuit, Mickelson praised McIlroy, who said the “us versus them” dynamic between LIV Golf and players at the PGA and DP World tournaments had gotten out of hand.

“You know, I think about Rory a lot.

McIlroy also took exception to Mickelson’s recent comment that LIV Golf is on the rise and the PGA Tour is on the decline, calling the statement “propaganda.”

, seven months ago. and people say this is dead in the water and we’re behind it. Here we are today, a force in the game that won’t go away, that has players of this caliber moving professional golf around the world and a level of excitement in countries around the world, that some of the best golfers come to their country and compete. It’s remarkable how far LIV Golf has come in the last six or seven months. 

Led by Greg Norman

The operation receives financial backing from Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund, where no expense has been spared. Building a new golf franchise is certainly not easy, and LIV has done well to attract some of golf’s biggest names like Dustin Johnson, Bryson DeChambeau, and Cameron Smith. But the challenges that come with building a startup are less challenging when you have hundreds of millions of dollars to throw around. According to Sports Illustrated, LIV Golf’s first-year spending totaled more than $784 million, with an additional $1 billion earmarked for next year, when the series will become a 14-game league.

The excitement around the world

As for the level of excitement around the world, LIV has held seven events so far: four in the United States, one in England, one in Thailand, and one in Saudi Arabia.

McIlroy also said he felt “betrayed” by LIV players threatening their Ryder Cup future, noting that Graeme McDowell had a chance to captain the Europeans in 2027 and that the legacies of Sergio Garcia, Ian Poulter, and Lee Westwood are based mainly on around the biennial against the Americans.

“Betrayal? If we haven’t been told we can’t qualify, then I’m still ready to play as much as I can and try to make this team,” Poulter said. “I mean, look, my commitment to the Ryder Cup, I mean, goes before me always wanted to play the Ryder Cup and I played with as much passion as anyone I’ve ever seen play the Ryder Cup.

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