Aaron Judge HR record: How Yankees star game in four walks vs. Blue Jays show they're not "pushing" in pursuit of Roger Maris

It's been seven games since Aaron Judge hit his 60th homer against Pitt'sJudge's longest homerless streak from Aug. 13 to Aug. 21.

While that's more a testament to the blistering home run rate Judge has hit this season than an indictment of his recent play,

it's hard not to feel the tension as the end of the season nears. The Yankees clinched the AL East with their win over the Blue Jays Tuesday,

but that seemed like a footnote compared to Judge's night: A four-walk game, the second time in his career 

Judge went to full counts in all five of his plate appearances, the first of which culminated in a Matt Chapman line drive that fell off the bat at 96.8 mph.

If we were to just look at Judge's batting average, it would be perfectly reasonable to think he's pushing, just trying to hit No. 61,

His slash provides important context. His extended stats are .263/.548/.421. By comparison, his full-year stats are .314/.422/.695.