Aaron Rodgers admitted he didn't perform well enough in Thursday's loss to the Tennessee Titans. His Green Bay Packers would think they have to win

It's been a dismal season for the Packers, now 4-7 and four wins behind their division rival, the Minnesota Vikings,

Coming off a win against the red-hot Dallas Cowboys last week, Packers fans would have hoped going into the game at Lambeau Field, 

they struggled with the ball on both ends and struggled horribly in pass coverage as Ryan Tannehill threw for 333 yards and two touchdowns,

while rookie Treylon Burks had 111 yards in the game, as well as Rodgers failing to connect with receivers on key plays -- which has been the story of their season so far.

As Rodgers and his offense struggled throughout the game, Packers fans could hear boos as they left the field and punted the ball away after several failed drives.

Rodgers finished with 227 yards, two touchdowns, and no interceptions as he completed 24 of his 37 attempts and missed a few throws that he usually makes on an off night.

It's the Packers' sixth loss in seven games, as they're now three games behind .500 and can't afford to lose many more games.