Aaron Rodgers is known for being one of the best football players in the NFL right now, but he has become known for generating headlines

in the offseason due to his appearance and nosy opinions. The two-time defending NFL MVP made waves a few weeks ago

when he unveiled a very large tattoo full of "meaning" that he has yet to share. He also showed up at Green Bay Packers camp with a very Nicolas Cage-inspired expression.

He then honestly admitted to his use of ayahuasca, a psychoactive drink that contains DMT,

Rodgers' latest headline-grabbing move involved removing a certain facial feature that has made itself known here and there in recent years. His mustache.

Rodgers proved to be a solid move in the Packers' first preseason game that caught people's attention.

However, the stache's days are numbered, and according to The Athletic's Matt Schneidman, the mustache didn't survive this weekend.

What will Rodgers do next? Who can argue? Maybe he'll shave his head. Or maybe he'll reveal another tattoo.