With some free time until the next LIV golf tournament, Bryson DeChambeau is heading back to the Nevada desert for a long-distance competition.

DeChambeau received a special invite to Mesquite a year ago and wowed crowds with a 412-yard burst advancing out of the first round.

DeChambeau ranked No. 7 in the world at the time and was fresh off helping Team USA win the Ryder Cup, eventually reaching the final eight,

Now ranked 46th, he's headed back to Mesquite on the eastern edge of the state near the Arizona border to compete again.

And according to a story titled "How Bryson DeChambeau Saved Long Drive Golf" in his presence.

Two-time long-distance champion Kyle Berkshire, who won the race a year ago, said: "He saved us, that's for sure."

Having one of golf's household names aboard a long-distance competition certainly elevates the sport.

“When I was in college, everyone thought the long-drive guys were the clowns of the golf world. DeChambeau, an eight-time PGA Tour winner and 2020 US Open champion,