What did Chiefs' Chris Jones say to Matt Ryan for unsportsmanlike conduct? The Colts' surprise win over the Chiefs turned into a penalty.

Unsportsmanlike conduct was handed out to Kansas City star quarterback Chris Jones for something he said to Indianapolis quarterback Matt Ryan.

What Jones said to draw the flag remains a mystery, at least for now, known only to the men on the field at the time.

"It was a rude expression towards the opponent," said referee Shawn Smith after the match. I said anything terrible doesn't think,

but the official called it, and I can not take it back,” Jones said to the Kansas City star.“I have to be better at playing the game and not saying anything, of course.

From the sounds, the Chiefs defensive tackle and Colts quarterback traded words back and forth, and Jones crossed the line.

Trash talk in the NFL is every day between plays, and players are rarely flagged for speaking. Jones said he had never been flagged for speaking before.

"I thought we were talking, but you never know what the official is seeing," Jones said. “He might have heard something that wasn't allowed. A penalty ended up costing the Chiefs the victory.