The last few years of Daniel Sturridge's career have been painful, literally and figuratively: injuries; no betting; unsuccessful moves to Turkey and Australia

A Greek tragedy could have written the script. But when we look back on Sturridge's career in the coming years,

we should all remember that we are talking about perhaps the most naturally gifted, charming English footballer of his generation.

By the time he kicked the ball there, it was pretty clear that the move was the football equivalent

of pulling up a stool and ordering a large scotch in a last-chance saloon. And it went well at first, scoring seven goals in the first sixteen games.

The following March, however, he was surprisingly and unceremoniously fired. Why? He was found to have broken betting rules by telling his brother about

t his impending move to Sevilla and was banned from football for four months, although the transfer never took place.

He then spent more than a year out, too long for any player but an eternity for a 31-year-old with his injury.