David Beckham paid his respects to Queen Elizabeth II. on Friday afternoon after queuing for several hours alongside other public members.

The football star was spotted at Westminster Hall, where the late monarch's body lies, at around 3.25 pm.

Friday afternoon, more than 13 hours after he was first spotted in line. While standing in line earlier on Friday,

Beckham said he waited more than 12 hours. Beckham said we all want to experience something where we celebrate the wonderful life of our Queen.

Speaking to a reporter, Beckham said he "grew up in a royalist family" and came on behalf of his grandparents,

who he said would have stood in line if they were still alive. Beckham spoke of how lucky he was to meet the Queen

on a number of occasions and highlighted the honor he felt playing for the England national football team.

Beckham appeared to take selfies with fans on social media, and one woman who queued for hours next to Beckham told reporters she had "a lot of respect" for The queue.