Golfer Davis Love III captained the United States Ryder Cup teams in 2012 and 2016 and will captain the upcoming Presidents Cup in 2022,

so he knows a thing or two about the sport. And he certainly had plenty to say about the Saudi Arabia-backed LIV Golf series challenging the PGA Tour.

The Hall of Famer has found his voice in recent weeks, offering some strong ideas for how the PGA can combat the fledgling league.

He also made it clear that he doesn't see much chance of the two rivals teaming up in the future.

"I'm just getting started," Love said. "I feel like what have I got to lose? I can tell the truth. Not like the other side, I won't tell a lot of lies. I'll just tell the truth,

I'll speak for the Tour and for the promotion. “ he said, Jay got burned for this a few months ago, ‘ We mus trust the process, guys.’ Well,

now you have seen the first court case that you've seen behind the LIV curtain a little bit in court. Love said he believes LIV Golf is attempting a corporate takeover of the sport.

"Now we are in the midst of a hostile corporates are tring to takeover of our business," Love said.