The PGA Tour visited Wilmington, Delaware for the BMW Championship, the second event of the FedEx Cup Playoffs,

and star golfer Rory McIlroy was knocked out of the game by a bizarre interaction with fans on Saturday.

The interaction occurred on the par-3 15th hole when McIlroy was setting up a birdie putt and saw a remote control golf ball in his field of vision at the hole.

McIlroy then walked up to the ball and hit it with his putter, only for the fan to continue disrupting play with the golf ball.

It was clear that McIlroy was getting tired of the joke, so he proceeded to pick up the ball and throw it into the water around the 15th hole as the fans in attendance cheered.

Security then quickly found the fan in attendance who was driving the ball and escorted him off the field with fans booing in the background.

Many in the golfing world understand Rory's decision to end the interaction given that it clearly had an impact on the hole at hand.

Fans can have fun in the presence, like yelling things after a golfer hits a shot, but this interaction has very clearly affected those on the course,