Golf star Bryson DeChambeau regrets failed experiment that left him 'feeling weird' It was an experiment that brought victory at the US Open

and saw him dubbed the 'Mad Scientist', but Bryson DeChambeau now says he regrets his huge weight gain in 2020.

The American packed on 50 kilos in just a few months, using a combination of heavy lifting and a high-calorie diet plan and protein shakes.

It was a formula that seemed to work at Winged Foot, where he scored in a flash to win his first major title by six shots.

But amid a huge focus on producing the longest tee shots on the PGA Tour, his new tactics also left him in the red that year at Augusta.

DeChambeau claimed he would now play the course as a par 68, meaning his big shot would negate the distance of four par-five holes,

Rebel LIV Golf is still raising eyebrows and is currently embroiled in a lawsuit against the PGA Tour, claiming it is still owed £1.5m.

He and old rival Brooks Koepka also voiced their disapproval of defectors not being able to earn World Ranking points at LIV events. But regardless,