Speculation surrounding PGA Tour pro-Cam Smith and his announced plans to defect to the LIV Golf Series has run rampant over the past month.

However, Rory McIlroy apparently knew long before the public did that the Australian was considering joining a breakaway league

In a press conference ahead of this year's Tour Championship on Wednesday, McIlroy revealed he had a conversation with Smith

The nature of the discussion? Retention informed Smith that changes were coming to the PGA before Smith made any decision about leaving for LIV Golf.

"I want guys to make an informed decision," said McIlroy Wednesday. Despite being one of the loudest voices speaking out against LIV Golf, McIlroy has also taken a diplomatic approach

when discussing other golfers who have decided to leave the PGA Tour. In McIlroy's eyes, the decision is up to them - he just wants them to get all their facts straight.

" He said,I  don't want people to make decisions, to hear information  from one side and not the other, "I have always said, guys can do whatever they want, guys can make up their minds,

, that it's best for themselves and their families, but I just love guys when they make decisions with all the facts, and sometimes I don't feel like some guys make decisions