More than a month later, it's still hard to believe the Celtics plucked Malcolm Brogdon from the Pacers without giving up a key rotation piece.

Brad Stevens' willingness to give up a first round pick and other underachieving players in exchange for someone who should provide exactly what they needed is refreshing,

brave and commendable. The Celtics are already a balanced, talented and well-rounded team, but Brogdon has a chance to take them to the next level.

He's unselfish, versatile, tough, skilled and poised, and if he stays healthy, he just might be the missing piece.

Here's a look at how he should make life easier for his new teammates. Everything is spinning, and perhaps the only question mark surrounding

the deal is what it means for Marcus Smart. Will Smart start at point guard, start at shooting guard, or come off the bench?

While the most likely result is a Smart Start from the guard point, it is not a definitive conclusion. Brogdon is an excellent passer

who averaged 7.1 assists per game in 2019-20 and 5.9 over the past two seasons. He's also a strong shooter, but he's at his best when he gets into the lane