Two months ago, Tom Kim joined the PGA Tour as a specific temporary member in an effort to earn his card for the 2022-23 season.

He picked up his first Tour win at the 2022 Wyndham Championship last month, and his popularity in the golf world has begun to grow,

mainly due to the origins of his name coming from the TV show, This week, the 20-year-old South Korean is hitting clean 2-irons under immense pressure,

walking in the clutch, and adding much-needed juice to an international team looking to make Presidents Cup history.

Kim has been praised by his international teammates and captains all week for his youthful exuberance and talent.

He was the catalyst for a change of pace at Quail Hollow Club on Saturday, where the World Stars split the morning fourball and claimed their first win.

taking the overall score to 11-7 in favor. from the U.S. "But as far as Tom Kim goes, you know, this young guy has burst onto the scene in the last six months and it's been so amazing.

He's got the ability to be a global superstar, this kid. I know he has a game. We saw he had a game. But what I learned this week about the personality and his heart.