Jerry West is one of the most iconic players in the NBA, not only because of what he accomplished and won during his professional career

but a lso because West is the silhouette of the NBA logo. But among other important things,

West is one of the few managers with eight championships. The Los Angeles Lakers will forever be grateful to West for everything

he did during his prolific career with the team, especially the 'recruitment' of two players

who were pivotal to the franchise, Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal. During an event with the league,

a reporter asked Jerry West who the greatest NBA player of all time was, to which West said, “…To me, he embodies what I think is great about

a basketball player. His teams are winning. In the last quarter, he'll be there…” Jerry West called Michael Jordan the greatest of all time.

Jerry West is currently a member of the executive board of the Los Angeles Clippers since 2017, prior to this position he held the same role but for the Golden State Warriors,