Jon Rahm isn't happy with a fan at the BMW Championship this Saturday morning. Rahm, 27, started hooking up with a fan during the tournament.

. It's unclear what prompted the reaction, but it ended with Rahm telling the fan to "go away."

"I'd like to know what the fan yelled to get the 'go away' reaction from Jon Rahm," Patrick McDonald said.

This isn't the only controversy Rahm has been involved in this week. He recently blasted the FedEx Cup Playoff system.

"I don't think it's the best system," Rahm, who has yet to win a FedEx Cup in his career, said via Golf Magic. " If they don't get to the best Bowl and the good team with the best record

starts with a two-touchdown advantage. This is absolutely ridiculous, but the best option we have right now. Or Djokovic didn't have one- get the advantage over Kyrgios at Wimbledon."

He added: "I understand that's how the playoffs are done and I understand that it's easier for the audience and for us to know what's going on.

Because I've talked to past champions and sometimes they're 16 and they don't know, oh, if I make one birdie,