Kevin Durant is a player who is well known to be willing to take to social media and defend himself against haters.

We've often seen him applauding people on Twitter and it seems like it happened today. The coach pointed out that Kevin Durant injured his Achilles,

said that athletes need to train "the whole body" and asked Kevin Durant when he last did calf raises.

You have to train your whole body. Kevin Durant and these guys, messed up their Achilles.Kevin Durant responded to the tweet with one word: "today."

Professional athletes generally put hours and hours into their bodies, and it's definitely a little strange to assume

that Kevin Durant doesn't regularly do exercises like calf raises to tone up his entire body. There's no doubt that there's been a lot of buzz surrounding Kevin Durant

this summer since he asked the Brooklyn Nets for a trade. With the increased media attention, Kevin Durant has also started to receive more hate,

and this isn't the only time Kevin Durant has been criticized this summer. Let's hope we see Kevin Durant on a contending team next season.