There has been a lot of noise surrounding Kevin Durant potentially returning to the Golden State Warriors, but each update seems to decrease the likelihood of a reunion.

Warriors general manager Bob Meyers recently insinuated that no trade will be happening, and while those comments have already been documented,

"The issues are Wiggins and Simmons. You run into the designated rookie fiasco," Lowe said.

"The intel I have is that the Nets are not super high on Wiggins or Poole as sort of centerpiece players.So I don't know if there ever really was a deal

there that the Nets would have done. Obviously, you have to explore it if you're the Warriors." This tone from Lowe seems to indicate the inverse

of what many had concluded from previous reports. With both fans and analysts across the league feeling as if the Warriors

have one of the more compelling packages in the NBA, Lowe reports that Brooklyn may not have a high of interest in players like Poole and Wiggins.

If this is indeed the case, it complicates matters for a Warriors team that would likely seek to hang onto some of their youth in a potential deal for Kevin Durant.