LeBron James hailed former Miami Heat teammate Shane Battier as the smartest player and person he's ever met.

There are several things to praise about LeBron James and one of them is that he has been able to become the face of every franchise he has signed with.

Some aren't thrilled about it, but one thing we can't deny is that "King James" was able to bring championships to every team he played for.

He also played with a number of All-Stars and so-called "underrated" players along the way, and James was certainly able to identify the unique traits of most of them.

The King names the smartest teammate he's ever played with James, who is often blamed for creating the super teams in the league,

obviously likes the idea of “If the Miami Heat players need an answer to a question,

, they turn to Battier, their versatile forward — versatile, that is, with his knowledge,” James said, via Slam Online.

"He's probably the No. 1 smartest basketball player and person I've ever met. He knows everything."