Watson's move to LIV was one of golf's worst-kept secrets before he became the latest major winner to sign for Greg Norman's Saudi-backed Rebel Series in July.

LIV has been accused of using the excessive wealth of an oil-rich kingdom with a record of human rights abuses to lure players away from golf's status.

Each of the seven individual tournaments in LIV's blistering inaugural season boasted £22 million worth of prize money, while teams competed for a mammoth £43 million at the season.

The two-time Masters champion, who has been out for five months following knee surgery, has been restricted to a commentary role on Youtube,

And when Watson is not playing, he has expressed his frustration at the so-called hypocrisy of the PGA Tour in collecting large sums of money without competing on the US circuit,

Watson said emotionally. “Good question. Well, when I was on the PGA Tour, I was getting paid behind the scenes to show up at events from sponsors.

It's so hypocritical. These players are guaranteed money, but the real world doesn't see it.” But in recent years,

The scheme, which aims to reward golf's most famous stars for their growth in the sport, offers an end-of-season bonus of £35m for the most impressive players.