London weather: The doctor reveals the best way to stay cool in a heatwave if you don't have air conditioning

Londoners are bracing for the peak of the heatwave, which is forecast to reach temperatures in excess of 36C in most parts of the capital.

The city is commonly known for its unpredictable, often rainy weather However, there won't be a drop of rain in sight on Monday (July 17) or Tuesday (July 18)

as the Met Office issued a life-threatening extreme heat warning. While most Londoners won't experience such temperatures,

an Australian doctor living in the capital knows the sweltering heat all too well and has taken to Twitter to share some of her top tips for keeping cool without air conditioning.

The tweet, which the doctor said was originally "just to help some of my friends out", has since gone viral and been retweeted more than 14,000 times,

s Brits scramble to find ways to stay cool. The doctor's first advice was for people to close the curtains completely

for the day. These should be left closed until nighttime when temperatures cool and it is safe to open both windows.