It might not be the biggest debate in the galaxy, but many "Star Wars" fans have wondered over the years: How exactly do you pronounce "AT-AT."

Screen icon Mark Hamill offered some help after the famous franchise's official Twitter

account recently joked about Imperial walkers in a poll in which the answer was "AT-AT" either way:

The tweet drew thousands of replies and retweets, with writer Tara Dublin asking Hamill for his comments:

He added another message, pinning it briefly to his profile, which suggests that there may not be a correct answer to any of the names and pronunciations

and which comes directly from creator George Lucas: As Screen Rant noted in 2020, longtime Lucasfilm insider Dave Filoni

addressed the subject at a 2016 Star Wars event. “You can say at-at, you can say A-T-A-T, and you can say pedestrian.

. I'm for all three,” he said. "That's canon because in ["The Clone Wars"] I'm supposed to call Imperials walkers,