Michael Jordan was only afraid of one person in his entire basketball carrier - "He kept me humble, but he challenged me"

Michael Jordan explains what made Dean Smith the only man he ever feared in basketball and why it was good for his growth as a player.

Michael Jordan was the ultimate alpha dog in the game of basketball, with a mindset that is almost non-existent in today's NBA.

In addition to his immense talent, Jordan was a hard worker who accepted challenges and understood that training hard was the only way to improve.

This type of demeanor and mentality was instilled in Jordan early in his basketball career when he was still a freshman at UNC.

When Jordan joined the basketball program at UNC, he immediately saw that Coach Smith was serious and was the right mentor for him.

Jordan himself was surprised at how well-organized the training sessions were in the sense that everything was on time.

Even after leaving UNC, Jordan never saw a coach who had such authority in practice and had the utmost control over the timing of every drill,