The NFL season is upon us, and the reigning Super Bowl champions may not be without Matthew Stafford under center. See what Sean McVay had to say about it.

The former Detroit Lions star will not participate in team drills until further notice. According to HC Sean McVay,

he is dealing with 'very bad tendonitis' and has an 'abnormal' injury to his quarterback elbow.

NFL News: Rams concerned about 'abnormal' elbow pain for Matthew Stafford "It isf abnormal for a quarterback,

," McVay said. "We're really trying to figure out, 'OK, how do we put the best plan in place to try to minimize some of the things that he's had to push through

and at the same time give him the confidence that, 'Hey, I can really, let it go, not have to take care of it, play as best I can."

"The goal is to try to make him feel as good as possible, especially when you're talking about something with that throwing elbow, and that's the plan that makes us feel the best,

but it's something I've never run." like a coach with a quarterback,” McVay added. “You had little elbow things here and there,