Kirk Cousins reportedly unleashed his signature catchphrase on Wednesday — this time adding a little profane flavor.

During this afternoon's joint practice with the San Francisco 49ers QB, the Minnesota Vikings yelled,

"The hell with you?" after completing a pass to star receiver Adam Thielen. In 2016, former Washington head coach Jay Gruden said he never heard

Countless fans pointed this out in response to Wednesday's NSFW comment. "Captain Kirk took his first oath today.

'm very proud of you, Dad," said one. "This is all the proof I need. Kirk drops F-bombs. Vikings win it all," added another.

"Cussing Kirk Cousins has arrived. The league should beware," wrote another. The layman's version of this rant comes from the classic video of Cousins

yelling through the postgame tunnel after leading the Redskins to a game-winning drive against the Buccaneers in 2015.

The veteran quarterback has uttered those words on several occasions since then — but never with an F-bomb attached.