Since LIV Golf's inaugural season, which ended with a team championship at Trump National in Doral, Florida, rumors have swirled about which players the organization.

It was announced earlier in the week that Patrick Cantlay and Xander Schauffele were the four players linked with LIV Golf.

World No. 4 and world No. 6 would certainly fit the criteria Norman outlined as targets for the organization.

Norman also detailed LIV Golf's appeal to PGA Tour players. He said: "Quite frankly, players on the outside looking at what's going on with LIV today,

these guys are still talking to each other, aren't they? Those at LIV feel like they've been liberated. There are players on the PGA Tour that we're talking to today who won't be freed.

" Norman also explained that most of the players who competed in 2022 would be back next season.

He said: "The percentage of players that will probably come back - do some quick math - 85 to 90% of the players, I'd say."

In addition to recruiting players, there are other big ambitions in the works as LIV Golf prepares for its second season.