Patrick Mahomes saw playing time Saturday when the Kansas City Chiefs took on the Chicago Bears in the team's first preseason game.

A hit often comes with playing quarterback, but simulating the actual game experience is something Mahomes has been looking forward to.

It was Mahomes' first game since the Chiefs lost to the Cincinnati Bengals in the AFC Championship Game in January,

and it was his first opportunity to get hit by an opposing defense. Before the game, Mahomes said he was excited to get hit

but he only asked for a hit once. “Yeah, I like to get in there and I like to hit once,” he said. "Once you get hit once,

you kind of understand what it's like to get hit again as a quarterback. I feel like you're good to go after that." Mahomes got his wish and then some

when he was hit by Chicago linebacker Trevis Gipson. After the game, Mahomes discussed the stomach tackle,

noting that it was a hard hit. "I got hit pretty hard. I wanted that first hit and I got hit hard. He caught me right in the gut, right between the ribs,