In a example of golf intersecting with courtroom news, Patrick Reed has filed a defamation suit against the Golf Channel commentator

seeking at least $750 million as damages. In related matter, Patrick Reed will lose.

This conflict has been brewing for some time. Patrick Reed has been penalised for cheating on numerous occasions, perhaps most memorably when he was caught on camera

when he was caught on camera dumping sand to improve his lie in the Bahamas a few years ago.

Reed's legal team tried to call a truce against Chamblee back in 2020 after the incident, and the new suit alleges that fans are taking cues from Chamblee when they goad Reed

cheater in the course. It's also one of the funniest lawsuits you'll ever read, throwing in LIV whataboutism and mentioning plenty of other top players as well.

Reed's problems with the rules of golf and questionable transgressions, in general, are not new. Shane Ryan in Slaying the Tiger went into great detail about Reed's chequered problems

with accusations of cheating from his own teammates plaguing him throughout his amateur career and into his professional days.