There was a lot to learn from Phil Mickelson's appearance as LIV Golf's guest commentator on Sunday afternoon.

Mickelson performed his broadcast; he broke swings, joked, and told stories. But no lesson was more interesting than our look at an alternate golf reality.

His appearance was first and foremost a graduate of the Tao of Phil course. Sunday was just the latest in an irregular series of great on-air appearances.

arguably golf's greatest entertainer. He joined the stand full of characteristic bravado and showed none of the anxiety we've seen over the past few months,

, his energy and golfing intellect practically leaping off the screen. He went on the air without warning.

“He's my favorite player to watch right now because he's the swingman of the club. It's not really an attacker. He swings the club in a beautiful rhythm.

I get it when you watch how steady his body stays, his head, and everything stays so steady while he's swinging the stick,

it's beautiful to watch. When I get a chance to see him play, it's special." He continued this way for a while, offering engaging jokes about the rules of golf, the art of hitting the bunker, and of course,