In 1999, a then-29-year-old Mickelson devoted three pages in Golf Digest to explaining exactly how he hits,

including his entire tee sequence (for those interested, most of the key adjustments Phil Mickelson tells golfers to make during their set-up:

You play the ball "from the instep" as if you were a driver. If you want to use a high wedge, "forget anything less than 60 degrees."

Open your stance and club face, but keep the club face "aiming for the target". Letting gravity "take over" when you swing: "You want a soft momentum."

But the key component happens at impact, Mickelson wrote, and is necessary for the shot to work.

"This is important," he writes.The key to Mickelson's flop. After making these setup adjustments, Mickelson says you want to hit the shot "two inches behind the ball."

"In that sense, it's like sandblasting," he writes. It's usually hit behind the ball like this, which is why Mickelson reiterates the need for a high-lofted wedge.

" If you try it with a lower lofted wedge, you will catch the ball thin and send it "as the crow flies" over the green.