Rafael Nadal is arguably the most significant tennis player to be linked with a sponsorship deal with sports superbrand Nike.

Since the beginning of his career, Nike and Nadal have partnered with the Spanish superstar with a number of signatures looks from the iconic brand.

Rafael Nadal wears Nike shoes and clothing during matches and even off the court, as he is often spotted under the famous wavy visor.

Nike owns the rights to the trademarked Raging Bull symbol, which appears on apparel custom-made for Nadal as well as a number of apparel.

Although the Raging Bull symbol is widely associated with Nadal and is considered his personal logo, it is actually the property of Nike,

Nadal was first spotted wearing the now famous Raging Bull symbol in 2013, usually most prominently seen on his right breast with the Nike logo on the left.

This symbol also appears on his Nike sneakers, which usually feature a prominent "RAFA" print on the left heel.

Nadal only has the best tennis shoes at his disposal, and the company has developed a number of designs, especially for the Spanish GOAT.