It would be fair to describe Rickie Fowler as standing on the edge of a possible move from the PGA Tour to LIV Golf, with rumors still swirling about his future.

The Californian has long been outspoken in his belief that the PGA Tour "was and certainly still is" the best place to play golf.

But on the same day, a group of the PGA's biggest names gathered to discuss how best to develop his side, golf's longtime powerhouse didn't escape Fowler.

The 13-year pro veteran echoed his sentiment, which PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan heard from him personally.

This suggests that the organizers responsible for golf's biggest brand could have done more to avoid the hysteria witnessed in recent months.

"I told the Tour and Jay when I met them that I didn't think they did a good job at all," Fowler told Golf Week. "A lot of the things that have happened in the last six months to a year

and it's starting to happen, I think they're reacting to that versus when the talks about the Premier Golf League

and LIV happened when they should have been proactive and come to the fore." Fowler, 33, is currently ranked 173rd in the world after reaching a career-high of fourth in 2016.