Regardless, two hits in one inning must result in the pitcher being ejected from the game. This is the rule and there are no exceptions - just ask Rocco Baldelli.

The Twins manager was ejected during the fifth inning of the Twins-Astros game in Houston for arguing with the umpiring team

after a strange situation that began when Jose Altuve was grazed by an Aaron Sanchez fastball.

That led to words between the two as Altuve walked to take his base, which in turn led to both benches being cleared.

The matter never progressed, but since Baldelli left the ground and spoke with Sanchez, it apparently counted as a mound visit.

After Sanchez pitched another four-pitch at-bat, Twins pitching coach Pete Maki visited, and, to the Twins' surprise,

the umpires demanded that Minnesota remove Sanchez from the game. Baldelli argued and was tossed out,

though he complained long enough to give Cole Sands a chance to warm up. Sands then got a bases-loaded double play to get out of the jam unscathed