PGA Tour players' meeting last week wasn't about short-term solutions. According to Rory McIlroy, the ideas that emerged from this meeting should shape the PGA for the next half-century.

"Our try to protect the Tour for the next 50 years," the Irishman said Wednesday ahead of this weekend's Tour Championship at East Lake Country Club.

McIlroy, along with Tiger Woods, hosted a panel of high-profile PGA pros who made headlines last week to discuss the ongoing dispute with spinoff LIV Golf,

which lured several former PGA players with inflated paychecks to play fewer tournaments.

Players who left for the Saudi-funded league were suspended by the PGA, and some of those players subsequently tried to sue the Tour.

While most of the ideas that came up at the meeting have yet to be made public, it has already been reported that McIlroy and Woods have sent PGA Tour Commissioner

McIlroy said. "We all are committed to coming together more often to make the product more compelling.

McIlroy has been one of the PGA's loudest voices speaking out against LIV Golf even before the rogue tour began earlier this year. From the sounds of things,