The PGA Tour has suspended any player who decided to defect to LIV Golf - and McIlroy believes it should stay that way.

On Tuesday, a federal judge in California denied a temporary injunction that would have allowed three former PGA Tour golfers — Talor Gooch,

McIlroy was delighted with the decision - calling LIV Golf a "sideshow". "From my point of view, common sense prevailed and I thought it was the right decision,"

McIlroy said. "Now that it's happened, I think it allows us to focus on what's important, which is golf. We can all move forward and not carry on for the next few weeks,

which is nice." The 33-year-old Irishman has criticized players who have sued the tour they once called home.

"Guys are going to make their own decisions that they think are best for them and that's absolutely fine," McIlroy said. "Again,

I don't begrudge anyone going to play LIV or taking guaranteed money.

I think the resentment comes from being part of this tour." the fact that they want to try to get back here without consequence,