Russell Wilson was dressed in a shiny mint suit and black bow tie for the awkward affair. He looked like he was going to a gala,

with his sparkly studded shirt and patent leather shoes, instead of coming home. If Wilson was anticipating a celebration as he packed his clothes,

he ended Monday night in a more subdued state of mind. The Denver Broncos quarterback, playing his first game with his new team in the city he just left six months ago,

experienced a sound at Lumen Field that was never directed at him. Boooooooo! He listened as fans compared him to Alex Rodriguez,

the orchestrator of the most ardent superstar exit from Seattle, who won a $252 million contract from the Texas Rangers more than two decades ago.

The old "Let Russ Cook" signs have been revised to read "Let's, Cook Russ". Through it all, he played with admirable focus,

dissecting the Seattle Seahawks for 340 yards. The conversation ended up being dominated by the five yards he wasn't allowed to walk.

Finally, Wilson watched from the sidelines as Brandon McManus attempted a 64-yard field goal for the game-winning drive. McManus missed.