Serena Williams has announced that she will soon retire from tennis and end her legendary career.

As a black champion in a predominantly white sport, Williams endured racist attacks for decades. she faced frequent racist and sexist media attacks throughout her career.

The 23-time Grand Slam champion stood out in the tennis world as a black woman in a predominantly white sport, first stepping onto the court as a teenager

teenager with beaded braids and then, as she grew and climbed the tennis ranks, becoming known for her more muscular silhouette than many of her peers.

Eighteen years later, a Romanian TV presenter was fined by the National Anti-Discrimination Council after comparing Williams to a monkey.

The column included a comment that residents of the hotel room below hers had to "spend the night dodging casts" after the tennis player said

she intended to celebrate the victory by dancing. That same year, Matthew Norman of The Telegraph made a nasty remark about the size of Williams' breasts;

Three years later, in a Fox Sports column, Jason Whitlock described William's figure as "a fat, muscular fat". Fellow tennis players also joined the event. In 2012,