Two-time winner Greg Norman of the Open Championship, known as the British Open. However, when the golf tournament begins later this week,

The Shark will not be able to play in St. Andrews in Scotland and can probably thank its association with LIV Golf for that

Norman requested special permission to play in the Open. Not only did the R&A, which organises the Open, say no to the CEO of LIV Golf

they even kicked him out of the traditional dinner gathering of past Open winners.

we don't think that would have been the case if Greg had attended. We hope that when circumstances permit, Greg will be able to participate again

"I would have thought the R&A would have stayed above everything given their position in world golf," Norman said.

LIV Golf have missed out on several golf events this year, either because they weren't allowed or because of the negative attention

PGA Tour to see if they are violating antitrust rules by not allowing LIV Golf players to compete in some events.