As the PGA Tour tries to stave off another defection to LIB Golf, Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy hope their new venture will be part of the solution.

As previously reported, news officially broke on Tuesday that Woods and McIlroy are forming TMRW Sports,

a technology-focused company that will represent "progressive approaches to sports, media, and entertainment."

I am excited to be a part of this exciting new venture that will use technology to bring new approaches to the sport we love," Woods said in a statement.

While the PGA Tour  official announcethat there  was tight-lipped on details,  In  a previous report from Eamon Lynch in explained the ways

PGA Tour on "a new venture that will see the world's best golfers compete against each other in a green grass, stadium environment."

The one-day events will complement the PGA Tour's schedule of events and will begin in 2024. The events will reportedly be "technologically advanced

and ready with a live audience – they can run from January to March, with the finals held later."