Trevor Lawrence is off to an impressive start to his second season as an NFL quarterback After Sunday afternoon's win over the Chargers, the Jaguars are 2-1 on the season.

Lawrence played well and earned AFC Offensive Player of the Week honors. But NFL fans are not happy about it. Many believe that Lamar Jackson was snubbed.

"A little hard to understand how Lamar Jackson, 5 TDs + 100 yards total, lost to Trevor Lawrence's 3 TDs,

Fans believe it's as simple as Lawrence being the new thing while Jackson has already proven his greatness.

"Because Lamar does it every game. I can't give it to him every week," one fan added. "Trevor is what they want the face of the NFL to look like.

NFL to look like. Anyway, Lamar n the Ravens should be focused on winning games and making the playoffs.

And that's their focus  We're moving," one fan added. "No surprise,

The NFL WAS WAITING for Lawrence's crown and new white hope, so his breakout game was hyped," another fan added.