Brett Favre thinks Jimmy Garoppolo is getting a raw deal with the 49ers. During an interview

with "The 33rd Team," the Hall of Fame QB sounded off about why San Francisco would be better off keeping and running Garoppolo in 2022.

To cut him, let him go, or ask him to take a pay cut... is absolutely crazy to me. This is not an offence to Trey Lance, but what Jimmy has done is win and win and win.

To let him go is absolutely crazy to me. ... It's not a glamorous pick, but my god ... the guy won and put them in a position to go to or compete

for the Super Bowl year after year and he deserves the right to keep playing. “Let me counter,” Trey Wingo tweeted.

"Per Elias Sports, he is one of only 9 QBs since 1950 whose teams have a .700 or better winning percentage. But in those starts,

he averaged 1.5 TD passes per game and has more 0 TD passing games (8) than 3 TD passing games played. (6)."

"He's practically a glorified Jay Fiedler," the Seahawks fan said. "Yes, he's winning, but he's not a great performer for the money he's getting,