There is only one Tiger Woods. He completely reshaped the game of golf and became one of the greatest icons in the history of the sport.

Then the cracks started to appear. After ten years at the top, he suffered one of the biggest falls from grace the world has ever seen.

His harrowing car accident in 2021 is just another example of the wild ups and downs that have accompanied Tiger Woods throughout his life.

Most people don't really know the sad story behind the name "Tiger". While serving in Vietnam, Earl Woods befriended a brave colonel named Vuong Dang Phong,

who his friends called Tiger. According to Earl, shortly before the end of the war, Tiger Phong disappeared without a trace.

Earl Woods returned home without saying goodbye, but he kept the memory of Tiger with him—and devised a way to pay tribute to his friend.

Earl Woods claims that he knew his son would be famous one day, so he called his boy Tiger in hopes that Phong would one day hear about Tiger Woods and seek him out.

Unfortunately, it wasn't like that. Phong's grave was discovered in northern Vietnam years ago - he never lived to meet his famous namesake.