Tiger Woods gleefully trolled NFL legend Tom Brady as the 15-time major winner reveled in countless holes from his illustrious playing career.

Athlete website NFT Autograph has announced that it has partnered with the PGA Tour to create "digital collectibles" of "the tour's most iconic moments."

As part of the announcement, Autograph shared a clip of several of these iconic moments, including some of the most impressive and famous shots golf,

has ever seen. NFL star Brady is the co-founder of Autograph and an avid golfer. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers man jokingly joined the conversation,

responding with a video of his own impressive jab as he wrote, "As a co-founder, I may have to order them to join."

Alongside Brady, golfing great Woods is also part of the Autograph business, and the 46-year-old couldn't resist taking a gleeful.

Woods – who has had countless hole-outs in his time – responded with a video compilation of his most impressive images from distance.

remember my first pitch. And my second. And my third. And..." Brady accepted defeat and replied, "Okay, we got it," she laughed emoticon.