It's no secret that Tiger Woods has been struggling with his health lately, which has led to the golf legend pulling out of many events in recent years.

But according to his good friend Notah Begay III, Tiger will not miss The Masters. In an interview with reporters on Wednesday,

Begay was asked about the health of his friends. During the interview, he revealed that even though Woods has real health issues,

he will "definitely" be at The Masters. "I know if you just look at the metrics related to his golf swing, club head speed, ball speed,

his ability to make golf swings, it's all still there," Begay said in a video shared by Brent Martineau. " A big question mark is going through 72 holes. But if he finds a way.

And if anyone will, it will be him to deal with the 72-hole walk. For me, golf is not a question, the heart is not a question,

Begay said the flatter course might be better for the golf legend because of Woods' physical limitations.

But that doesn't mean he won't compete at Augusta National next year. "I think we would all be walking on a hurt leg in Augusta," Begay said. “So he'll definitely be there.