"get in the damn cart!" One of golf's brightest young stars had one major request for Tiger Woods:

On the latest episode of "In Depth with Graham Bensinger," Will Zalatoris talked about Tiger and how he believes

the cart could extend the career of the 15-time major champion. “The part that amazes me

that he has such a problem with his walking, but man, he can still play good golf,” Zalatoris told Bensinger.

"Tiger could get a wheelchair if he wanted to. But you know he's never going to take one. Because that's who he is.

And it's like, selfishly, like, 'Dude, get in the wheelchair.'" The 26-year-old continued .”

I want to see you when you're 50…Want to play with you get in the damn cart. The Tour gave Woods permission to use a wheelchair after his near-fatal car accident

Zalatoris says he'd like to play with Tiger before he's "done." Sharing: "I know it would be an amazing experience."