Windows 12 could be released in 2024, according to a new report that claims Microsoft is changing its engineering strategies

and moving to a 3-year release cycle for Windows. That's a big deal because Windows 11 launched in October 2021,

and some fans expected the sequel to drop as early as 2023. But according to sources trusted by Windows Central,

Microsoft is adopting a new development cadence for Windows that revolves around "Moments"

That means we shouldn't expect to see Windows 12 (or whatever Microsoft eventually calls it⁠—“Next Valley” is reportedly used internally,

though that may not be the final codename) before 2024. However, Windows Central also claims that Microsoft's new development

cadence is designed to bring more and more new features to Windows 11 over the next year. A good example is February,

when Microsoft launched a package of new features in a Windows update that included some redesigned apps, improvements to the taskbar,