Where to place the router for better speed

Where to place the router for better speed If you sink a lot of money into a high-performance router, you probably expect it to perform perfectly. However, just buying a good router is not enough. You need to place it in the ideal location to maximize effectiveness.

When it comes to routers, it’s all about placement, placement, placement. By that we mean you have to think about anything that might interfere with his signals.

Where to place the router for better speed

By placing your router in the right location, you can maximize wireless connectivity throughout your home. Of course, it can be a bit tricky to find the best spot if you don’t know much about how routers work. Luckily, we have all the answers ready in this easy guide to locating your router.

Determine your central location

No, this does not mean that you should place the router in the center of your home. Do not keep it in your kitchen or bathroom, for example. (And you definitely don’t want it in the basement or attic.)

The ideal router location depends on where you want to get Wi-Fi coverage. If you spend a lot of time in your home office, you should place the router closer to that room than to the kitchen. Be sure about all the rooms that use the internet the most.

Compare how far apart they are and choose the middle between these spaces. Once you determine that location, you have a solid starting point. Of course, consider what obstacles your router has to deal with when choosing this hub.

Remember how your router works

When trying to identify that perfect spot, you need to consider all the interference in your router’s path. With some background, your router creates a computer network that allows you to connect several devices to the Internet. Controls traffic between all devices on the network.

If there is a problem that sounds complicated, think of it as a digital postman. It transfers packets of data from one gadget to another. It is because of radio waves that transmit the internet to various devices in your home.

Therefore, you should try to map out the path of least resistance. Instead of placing your router in a crowded room full of furniture, try placing it in an open area. Whatever you do, avoid metal,  they can block Wi-Fi signals.

 Try to place the router as high as possible

Try to place the router near the center of the room where you want the fastest Wi-Fi speeds. You should also mount it as high as you can.

It is better to place the router up high because radio waves usually shoot the signal downwards. So elevating the router helps provide the best signal. For example, if you place the router on the floor, it will direct the Wi-Fi signal to your floor. This is as useful as wearing a parka in the desert.

You can mount the router on the wall or even place it high on a bookshelf. If your router has antennas, make sure they don’t all point in the same direction. Remember that your router sends radio waves to all devices in your home. Tilt the antennas at different angles to reach them all.

Keep it away from other electronics if you can

We’ve been talking about radio waves, and for good reason. Different devices emit unique waves that can interfere with each other.

You really need to keep the router away from the microwave. It emits a strong 2.4 GHz signal – which can be the same as a wireless router. (FYI, routers use either 2.4GHz or 5GHz. Some use both.)

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